BLUE STAR HW24CBFYA 2.0 TON 3 STAR Split – Wall Mounted



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Sensors to Protect Your AC Compressor Condenser Coil Sensor:

Blue Star’s air conditioners feature an advanced Condenser Coil Sensor which increases the life of the compressor by preventing the temperature from rising. This also reduces the incidence of liquid flood-back that causes damage to the compressor.


DLT Sensor:

Blue Star’s inverter air conditioners come fitted with an Advanced Discharge Line Temperature Sensor that cuts off the compressor when the discharge temperature is too high. This increases the life of the compressor by preventing damage.


Evaporator Coil Sensor:

The Evaporator Coil Sensor in Blue Star’s air conditioners prevent damage to the compressor by cutting it off in case there is ice formation on the evaporator coil (when temperatures are set very low) or in cases of a gas leak.


Sensors and PCB for Intelligent Cooling and Comfort Room Return Air Sensor:

The Room Return Air Sensor in Blue Star’s air conditioners are programmed to evaluate the temperature of the air returning to your air conditioner, thereby gauging if the preset or desired temperature has been achieved or not. If not, it utilises the PCBs to signal the compressor to either increase or decrease rotation speeds to alter the temperature as needed. The result, your air conditioner works towards not only achieving but also maintaining the precise desired temperature.


Ambient Sensor:

The intelligent Ambient Sensor in Blue Star air conditioners detects the ambient temperature in the vicinity. In the event that the temperature drops below 24°C, it activates the heat pump cycle to keep you warm and comfortable.


PCB Circuit for Intelligent Cooling:

The smartly designed PCB Circuit in Blue Star air conditioners work seamlessly alongside the sensors, to receive vital inputs and control the functioning of the compressor, indoor blower and outdoor fan motor; delivering ‘intelligent cooling’.


Auto Restart with Memory Function

The Auto Restart with Memory Function in Blue Star’s air conditioners is most useful in cases of a power cut. The air conditioners remember the last setting run and automatically resume functioning with the same presets, making it convenient over picking cooling preferences all over again.


Superior Anti-Rust Coating on Outdoor Units

Blue Star’s Split air conditioners come with outdoor units that are designed to perform flawlessly even in adverse climatic conditions. To ensure the outdoor unit’s longevity these are coated with a superior ‘Powder Coating’ to ensure the galvanized metal stays rust-free.



Blue Star’s air conditioners are programmed with a unique ‘Self-diagnosis’ feature that alerts you of a fault in operation immediately. Error codes make it easy to troubleshoot issues and you can have the air conditioner up and running immediately.


Long Life MCHX Condenser with 5 Year Warranty

Blue Star’s Long Life MCHX Condenser is designed and manufactured from superior quality materials, to keep it free from corrosion for longer, as well as deliver efficient cooling. The Long Life MCHX Condenser comes with a 5-year warranty.


Smart Mode

Blue Star air conditioners come equipped with a Smart Mode that automatically identifies the most suitable temperature to fit your needs and keep you comfortable indoors.



Energy Rating 3 Star
Noise 42 dB Indoor Noise
Power Input 1820 W
Type Split
Capacity 2 Ton
Air Circulation Out 754 CFM
Auto Air Swing Present, Auto Air Swing Up Down
Other Air Flow Features Vertical Louver / Horizontal Swing: Manual, Horizontal Louver / Vertical Swing: Motorised, Air Flow Direction Control
Speed Setting No
Star Rating 3
Capacity In Tons 2 Ton
Ac Type Split
Title Blue Star HW24CBFYA 2.0 Ton 3 Star Split AC
Brand Blue Star
Model No HW24CBFYA
Dry Mode Yes
Dehumidification No
Operating Mode Modes (Auto, Cool, Fan, Dry), Fan Mode (Auto, High, Medium, Low)
Turbo Mode No
Other Modes Auto Mode, Sleep Mode, Economy Mode
Sleep Mode Yes
Cool Mode Yes
Night Glow Functions On Remote Buttons No
Remote Control Large LCD with Backlit
Remote Yes
Auto Clean No
Timer Yes
Jet Cool No
Self Diagnosis Yes
Other Convenience Features Memory Feature, Anti-freeze Thermostat
Fuzzy Logic No
Hot Cold No
Auto Restart Yes
Front Panel Display Yes
Additional Features Suction Tube Size Outer Diameter: 15.88 mm, Liquid Tube Size Outer Diameter: 9.52 mm, Refrigerant Additional Charge Beyond 3.66 m (g / m): 15, Input Power Supply: Outdoor Unit, Maximum Piping Capability Vertical: 10 m, Maximum Piping Capability Total: 20 m
Control Console Remote Control
Other Body Design Features Condenser Fin Type:Louvered Fins
Color White
Main Unit Condenser Coil Alloy
Evaporator Fin Type Hydrophilic Blue Fins
Refrigerant R410A
Compressor Rotary
Indoor Noise Level Low: 42 dB, Medium: 46 dB, High: 49 dB
Virus And Allergy Safe Filter No
Dual Protection Filter No
Other Filters Dust Filter
Anti Bacteria Filter Yes
Catechin No
Active Carbon Filter Yes
Triple Filter No
Installation Details Installation of Air-conditioner is charged extra to customer at the time of installation and needs to be paid directly to the service engineer.
Installation Warranty Compressor Warranty Period:5 Years Manufacturer Warranty,Body Warranty Period: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Services Included In Basic Installation Standard Installation of Window/Split AC Covers only 1.Installing the Housing 2.Inserting the unit 3.Sealing the gaps with Heat insulating material 4.Connection to Stabilizer or Power point in the range of Power Cord Provided by Manufacturer. 5.Temperature/Performance Check & Demo and Maintenance tips. 6.Supporting customer in Masonry, Fabrication, and Electrical work. Not covered under standard Installation of AC- 1.Plumbing and Masonry Work if any. 2.Wiring extension from Meter to site, Power point/MCB fitting and any other Electrical work 3.Concealed piping /electrical wiring inside the wall 4.Grill/Glass Cutting and Welding work 5.Dismantling/Shifting of Old AC`s
Operating Current 7.8 Ampere
Eer 4 W/W
Moisture Removal 3.5 Litres/Hr
Cooling Capacity 6400 Watts
Power Requirements AC 230 V, 50 Hz
Power Input 1820 Watt


100% BTU
Super Air Purifying System.
Energy saving model.
Capacity 24000 BTU.
Coanda airflow technology and power air flow dual flaps.
Energy Rating: 3 Star.
Anti-corrosion treatment for ODU and heat exchanges fins.


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